What is SSL – and why does my website need it?

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SSL Certificates

Every day, millions of customers share their personal information online – from their name, address and date of birth to confidential payment details. Online businesses around the world use SSL certificates to protect this information, and enable customers to trust them.

With online shopping at its peak in December, trust is more important now than ever.

But what is SSL – and do you really need it?

SSL: the basics

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates a safe connection between the server that hosts your website and your visitors’ web browser, so they can share private information with you without fear of their personal details falling into the wrong hands.

How do I get SSL?

To enable SSL on a website, you need to install an SSL certificate.

Where do I get an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are provided by certificate, or certification, authorities (CAs).

How do I install it?

You can apply for and install an SSL certificate yourself, or get your web developer to do it for you.

How do my customers know my site is protected?

Web pages that are protected by an SSL certificate usually show a padlock in the address bar. Sometimes they display a green address bar. The URL also changes, from http:// to https://.

Increase security, increase sales

Looking for a simple way to ramp up flagging sales? Installing an SSL certificate can boost your bottom line by building trust and increasing sales as a result.

If you want to accept credit card payments on your own website – rather than using a third party online payment gateway such as PayPal, Worldpay or Stripe – SSL certification is essential: you’ll need it to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

But most customers don’t know the difference between a site that uses an online gateway and one that doesn’t. If you want them to buy from you, you need to earn their trust.

In a survey carried out by GlobalSign, security ranked as the third most important factor when choosing one online retailer over another.

A massive 85% of shoppers say they won’t buy from an online retailer that doesn’t have a secure website.

With data theft and cyber crime on the increase – and companies such as TalkTalk, VTech and JD Wetherspoon all high-profile casualties – it’s never been more vital to secure your customers’ personal information.

Did you know?

Google ranks SSL sites higher.

Once your SSL certificate is in place, any information provided by your customers is encrypted so it can only be seen by the company that owns the website. Without encryption, hackers can tamper with this data, leaving your customers – and your own website – vulnerable to identity theft and fraud.

SSL certificates also provide authentication, so you can be sure your website is sending data to the right place, and not to someone trying to steal your customers’ details.

What next?

All Kandeshop’s great-looking, hard-working e-commerce sites include a free SSL certificate. If your site isn’t secure, we’ll handle the transition for you, organising and installing SSL on your behalf if you need it.

To chat about website security – or any aspect of online marketing – call Darren on 0121 4000 171.