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by Super Admin - 1 year ago

Facebook’s star continues to rise in 2017

Marketing is changing rapidly, with personalisation, deeper engagement and audience targeting at the top of every marketing managers’ to-do list. Consumer behaviour has also changed. Your customer base now expects to watch your TV ad, query your...

by Super Admin - 1 year ago

Six ways to make your social content work harder

Social media is easy, right? Well, sort of. Read on for our rundown of the essential steps you need to follow to achieve brilliant results on social. 1. Know your audience As with all content creation, before you do anything, understand who you’r...

by Super Admin - 1 year ago

A digital marketing intern’s journey into the unknown

During the summer months, I was finding my feet at Connecting Element, and it all seemed pretty chilled. But, I had been warned. “Elliot,” my colleagues would say. ‘You do know this is the calm before the storm?” And just as they predicted, going...