Facebook’s star continues to rise in 2017

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The rise and rise of Facebook

Marketing is changing rapidly, with personalisation, deeper engagement and audience targeting at the top of every marketing managers’ to-do list.

Consumer behaviour has also changed. Your customer base now expects to watch your TV ad, query your product with a chat bot, order it online, leave a review of it on social media, and perhaps organise a return by telephone.

Throughout 2016, we noted a significant shift from using lots of channels to communicate – multichannel marketing – to using the right channel to provide seamless communication: omnichannel marketing.

An omnichannel marketing strategy puts the consumer centre stage, allowing a seamless communication experience regardless of channel or device. While this may seem complicated, it helps the customer buy your products quicker. And that’s the dream, right?

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One seemingly omnipresent brand adopting this strategy is Facebook. Despite strong competition from Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is miles ahead as a one-stop shop for consumers.

Facebook offers almost every feature the other platforms do. With its mass-marketing prowess and staggering active user base of over 1.8 billion, the difference lies in its incredible level of data. It knows what we like, when and where we want to consume, and how likely we are to buy something.

Keeping users sweet by regularly adding features such as Facebook Marketplace, ensures we keeping coming back for more. And, more importantly, continue adding to that data pot.

Facebook marketplace

Other recent innovations include:

  • Chat bots in the Messenger app
  • 360-degree photo and video support
  • Expanded ad targeting
  • Finely-tuned personalisation of the news feed

One to watch: live video streaming

live video streaming

Cisco projects that video traffic will constitute 82% of worldwide internet traffic by 2020. Clearly, consumers have a voracious appetite for videos – a trend that, naturally, Facebook has latched onto.

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook Live:

User engagement and brand-building

  • Live video encourages deeper engagement: Facebook notes that people watch live videos three times longer than traditional videos on its platform
  • The feature presents a new opportunity to harness the power of social influencers

Excellent reach 

  • Live video descriptions are searchable, as are any included hashtags
  • News feed preference is given to live videos
  • Videos can be saved, bookmarked and viewed later – allowing ‘live’ videos to be discovered and shared even after broadcast

Advertising opportunities

  • Facebook plans to introduce ads that play before a video – pre-roll ads – and ads that play 20 seconds into a video – mid-roll ads
  • We expect to see further targeting and personalisation later this year
  • Sponsored news feed posts and reminders to view a scheduled broadcast are already being tested with select advertisers

No-frills video solutions

  • Product how-to guides
  • Virtual reality tours
  • News broadcasting
  • Food and drink demos
  • Product and outlet launch coverage

I’m eager to see where video will lead; could we see soaps broadcasting live episodes on Facebook? Will the next presidential inauguration be hosted entirely via social media? Watch this space.

Feeling fired up by Facebook’s latest innovations? Get in touch with our experienced team of social experts and we’ll see how we can help you.