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During the summer months, I was finding my feet at Connecting Element, and it all seemed pretty chilled. But, I had been warned. “Elliot,” my colleagues would say. ‘You do know this is the calm before the storm?” And just as they predicted, going into work at the start of October was significantly different. Like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Being new to agency life, and the world of work outside my previous part-time retail position, CE came as a slight shock to the system. Having joined in the summer, a time that was traditionally that bit slower, allowed me to witness both the quietest and possibly busiest months of the year.

There is little time to reflect in an agency, as the work (generally) never stops. But I did find that through August and September we could just about draw breath, evaluate current projects and plan accordingly.

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October demanded a new kind of pace. Most noticeable in the client services room was the lack of bums on seats, everyone constantly dipping in and out of various rooms to catch up with different teams. That and the increased noise level.

While I’ve worked at pace before (Christmas in retail is no sleigh ride) nothing prepared me for the shock that was October. It felt like Indiana Jones waking up to hear, “No more parachutes!” Nevertheless, office manager Mon always has time for a hug.


“What did you get up to in October, Elliot?” I hear you ask. Well, *takes deep breath.* Hot on the heels of my presentation and a blog about how to engage with Gen Z, I got stuck into briefing campaigns, research and support for a humongous pitch. I also learned various tools for effective reporting.

One day saw me skip from researching city attractions for a well-known travel company to sourcing a client mention in a Radio 1 interview with Little Mix before doing a spot of mystery shopping for a cycle brand. All in a day’s work.

Of course, not everything revolved around me. Over the course of October, we were getting stuck into various pitches and tenders as well as rolling out a new business strategy and travelling the land meeting potential clients.

When I joined CE, I was told that people never leave. Now, I don’t know whether it was my aftershave, but in October two longstanding team members announced that they were off to pastures new. Hmm… (some new faces joined us, too, which makes me think it wasn’t my Lynx Africa).

For lead developer Grant’s last day, the guys decided to up the style ante and don suits, taking our usually-casual office by surprise and looking rather suave in the process (although there may have been a few comments about “coming straight from court.”)


You see, alongside all the hard work, we like to have fun. And at least once a month we get together for a social event. Recently, we’ve escaped rooms, been bowling and drunk the Jewellery Quarter dry. But it has to be said, no bond formed during these events is stronger than that between email manager Hark and his stash of biscuits…

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