5 Examples of Successful Business Rebranding

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5 Examples of Successful Business Rebranding

Rebranding occurs for many different reasons, your business may have been problematic from the beginning forcing you to rethink things, competitors may force you to adapt or the industry may change including your target market. These are all reasons in which have led many brands to undergo rebranding.

We have compiled some examples of great business rebrands that occurred successfully.


Not long-ago Burberry had a bad reputation with some unfavourable brand association. This high-end brand was suddenly a victim of counterfeit products being the uniform for “chav culture”. The distinctive beige checkered pattern that Burberry was known for was being copied and distributed elsewhere. This then became a staple for hooligans to wear and before long Burberry’s whole brand was being associated with gang culture as a result.

To rectify their image, Burberry began introducing new products such as trench coats and swim wear which had never been associated with the brand before. This coupled with some innovative social media marketing such as live streaming fashion shows and some celebrity endorsements from high-profile females such as Kate Moss and Emma Watson helped rescue their image and regain the high-class luxurious image which they were once known for.

Old Spice

Before 2010, Old Spice was a brand associated with the older generation. In order to be relevant and appeal to a wider demographic, the company produced a new advertisement using a former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa. The clever advertising campaign showed Isaiah on a horse and implied to viewers that Old Spice symbolised “cool” and modernity. This coupled with smart social media use meant that the brand now appealed to a younger demographic.


A few years ago, a restaurant chain Zizzi wanted to differentiate themselves from other Italian restaurants. They decided to capitalise on consumers want for convenience by positioning the brand to facilitate this. They decided that instead of the takeaway section of their restaurant just being an extension of the sit in experience at Zizzi, but that it would become an experience of its own which would be a continuation of the brand experience.

They worked to create a dynamic and functional way for families to have a restaurant table in their own home by making each element having multiple uses. For example, the pizza boxes become sharing platters and the side containers fold into mini tables.

This allowed them to really differentiate themselves from other Italian restaurant chains by providing convenience to their takeaway customers. Read more on Pearlfishers website.


One of most well-known fast food brands to ever exist, McDonalds hasn’t gone without controversy. After a documentary called Super Size Me showcased the results of what eating McDonalds food consistently does to someone’s health, the brand who was once seen as a friendly provider of cheap food was now viewed as selling bad-tasting, unhealthy food as well as their facilities being viewed as unclean.

McDonalds decided to try and change this perception by continuously redesigning their facilities to appear cleaner and more modern. They also introduced healthier food options such as salads and changing their existing recipes to be healthier.


One of the most successful toy companies, but in the 1990’s Lego was seeing their profits reduce drastically. Due to more competition in the toy industry the brand needed renovated and brought into the modern age.

By using the internet, Lego began encouraging consumers to share their Lego creations. This then led to Lego animations being produced as well as the company bringing out Lego films and Lego video games. Due to these changes, the brand is now thought of as a modern toy company.